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It delivers medium strong nicotine kicks (6 mg/portion) together with a well-rounded and fresh flavor that incorporates tones of lavender, herbs and berries topped hints of spruce and flavors from the Nordic flora. The tobacco free LYFT Nordic Winter Slim is a limited edition release by LYFT. It delivers a long lasting flavor of lavender, herbs, berries and spruce, a flavor inspired by the Nordic forests. This delicious burst of flavor is enhanced by a pleasant and medium strong nicotine kick (6 mg/portion). Another LYFT nicotine pouch available on our website and stores is the LYFT Nordic Winter Slim.

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Nicotine pouches are among the fastest growing tobacco niches in the UK market today. Users in the UK say they have many advantages as compared to the traditional cigarettes and even vaporizers as they eliminate smoke which basically is dangerous for our lungs. Giving you a vigor pleasure, the taste of nicotine pouches is quite familiar to that of old style tobaccos. Lyft Winterchill X Strong - Nikotinové sáčky s velkou silou nikotinu a ledovou příchutí peppermintu. Zkušení žvýkači jistě znají Oden´s Wintergreen.

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LYFT. Royal Purple. €6,25. LYFT.

Lyft nordic winter strength

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Lyft nordic winter strength

LYFT 7. NORDIC SPIRIT 6 . ON! This product has a slim white pouch. Delivered with high nicotine level. This is the strongest product from LYFT so far. Nicotine 16mg/g.

₽400.00 ₽ 365.00.
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Nicotine per gram. 16mg/g. Nicotine per can. 16, 8 g.
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Each can weighs 16.8g  23 дек 2019 Серия LYFT для всех сезонов, ограниченный выпуск LYFT Nordic Winter представляет вкус хвои с целым рядом уникальных ароматов,  LYFT Nordic Winter Limited Edition är en Kombination av traditionella smaker som skog, flora och bär - och tar dina smaksinnen till de svenska landskapen. Buy LYFT Nicotine Pouches at LYFT snus is a sequel to the popular Epok snus, some say there is no noticeable LYFT Nordic Winter Slim. The nicotine pouches have a smooth flavour but underneath the lovely taste is a strong nicotine kick with a strength of 16mg/g.